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This gallery displays imagery from a surfer photographer.

Do you have a photographic studio or business or maybe some images you would like to show but do not have a web page? This is the place for you. Just email your images (together with a copyright release) and we will place it in the "Surfers Gallery" for a time. If you like , you can send us a hardcopy image and we'll scan it for you free of charge

We ask you to respect our "surfer's" creativity and their rights in not reproducing these images or placing them elsewhere on the net.

Images may be purchased for a very reasonable investment. If you are interested please contact us.

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Nicolas was born 1971 in Ghent, Belgium. He graduated 1992 and began work for a press agency in 1995. It was here that he gained his technical ability and knowledge of digit photography. It was in 1997 that he began freelancing on his own account and built up a working relationship with the journal "het laatste nieuws " as his largest client - 150 pictures a month.

Nicolas's experience has been gained in the field, where he learned by speaking to people and observing things about him. He has learned to deal with reality.

What he really lives for is his personal work in which he tries to capture the atmosphere thats present and reflect it in his imagination and lens to create somethings that looks unreal. One day he hopes to become a landscape photographer (or fotographer as he puts it).