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  • "100% Digital Imaging" home page by B,J.Colquhoun ARPS. Having become disenchanted with conventional photography due to the limitations imposed on it by 'darkroom technology',  BJC developed an interest in 'computer graphics'. These images are ideal as the 'base images' for 'creative manipulation'. The options open to you for 'artistic expression' are limitless [199707]e(200404)
  • Bengt's Photo Page ..
  • Bob Books is a UK-based company offering you the ability to create personally customised, beautifully presented photobooks and other printed products. They also do calendars, wall art and vouchers with different custom formats.[201503]]eR(201503)
  • Colourful digital photograph gallery and Online illustrated Storybook [200112]eR(200404)
  • Digital camera and photography views, reviews and news - DCVIEWS [200211]eR(200404)
  • - Digital camera reviews and buying guide online. This site has reviews and buying guide for all digital cameras and accessories found online. [200307]eR(200404)
  • ...Submit your digital photo with our easy-to-use online submission form. On the submission form, specify which categories you wish to enter. Check to see rules governing what kinds of photos are accepted and who may participate in the contests [200001]e(200404)
  • Digital Photography and Glossary (Guida alla fotografia digitale e oltre). Wonderfully detailed glossary on digital and computing terminology used in digital photography. Presscolor operates in Northern Italy and has international clients. See also their homesite. [199801]eR(200404) [italian]
  • Digital Photography by Ian Aiken A gallery of photographs from the North East of England, including Millenium Bridge at Newcastle Quayside, Northumberland National Trust and Angel of the North. [200301]eR(200404)
  • Euroshots-Digital and experimental photos in the portfolio [200110]eR(200404)
  • Fredrik Skold Photography - Fredrik works with photography and digital imaging/design. He is originally from Sweden but moved to New York in 1992. Since then, he has been working together with a bunch of very creative people in a studio they call: STP. Lately he has been doing some digital CD Covers etc which you will find very exciting.[199708]eR(200404)
  • Galt Technology dropped by to advise that they have a screen saver that is very popular called ScreenPix 2.0 that plays images (BMP, JPG. etc). [199712]eR(200404)
  • Gratisforyou. Sergio Musetti is a photographer who specialises in digital photography. [200201]eR(200404)
  • KODAK: Sample Digital Images []e(200404)
  • Lens Calculator. Displays angle of view for most popular lens/digital SLR combinations. Also calculates 35mm equivalent lens and field of view. [200401]eR(200404)
  • LetsGoDigital is a website about digital imaging with up-to-date daily news and reviews. Available in Dutch, Spanish, and English. Reviews of digital cameras, reports of PMA, Photokina, etc can also be found. [200310]eR(200404)
  • LIKEON Photography- From Film to Digital.... photographer Don McNitt used to be a strong believer in straight photography, zone system, and the fine black and white print. Until a friend showed him Photoshop. See how this opened up a whole new and exciting way to work and think in photography.[20000131]eR(200404)
  • Mike Berceanu Photography - image gallery, articles and link pages. [199805]e(200404)
  • ..... Mark Habdas Digital Photography - School - Gallery Photography and computer instructor from Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada. Page with photographic, educational and Vancouver links also computer device drivers, software updates, and more. [199712]eR(200404)
  • Photography/ Graphics it features 360 degree panoramas of surreal landscapes. []e(200404)
  • ..... If you need digital content, Publishers Depot is your one-stop site for digital photography, fonts, video and audio, illustrations, maps, source directories and much more. [199711]e(200404)
  • Scanning Photos for the Web Images on the Web can look better than on a magazine page. Information on building image library (Philip Greenspun) [200001]e(200404)
  • Seybold Magazine. This site is dedicated to all aspects of visual communication using digital photography. This site is brought to you by Dicomed, makers of the worlds finest digital cameras [199703]e(200404)
  • ..... The David C Experience Commercial digital photography. Includes conceptual photography.[199703]e(200404)
  • The Digital Photography Exhibit An annual international juried exhibit exploring new work created by artists who work with cameras and computers. []e(200404)
  • The OnePassInfo DTV Site - John's superb and intense site is dedicated to anyone interested in Desktop Video or Telecommunications. Visit the pages - you will find everything you want to know about desktop video.  Great site. [199707]eR(200404)
  • Tom Upton shoots a lot for computer magazines, yet his images are anything but dull, which is tough to avoid when shooting hardware. The site contains only a dozen photographs []e(200404)
  • Tony Sleep is a freelance professional photographer based in London, England. He specialises in editorial work for magazines, newspapers, charities and housing organisations. He also has an excellent section on digital scanning with comparisons of scanners. [200001]e(200404)
  • Visual Delights Photography has been creating some of the most beautiful and stunning images ever imagined. We have tried to give you a glimpse into different aspects of our work. [199703][]e(200404)#
  • Welcome to the Lightbox Digital Photography Resource. This site contains an index of links to Web sites related to the use of digital equipment in the photographic studio, and an image archive.[]e(200404)#


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