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  • OnLineNow World Wide Directories: One of the fastest growing, city by city,
    country by country, business directories on-the Net! [9801]
  • Submit It! services are used by over 250,000 Webmasters, online marketers and site owners, from Fortune 500 employees to individual hobbyists. As creator of the world's most popular Web site announcement tools, they are dicated to providing the best Web site marketing services to their members. [9711]

Photography and Art

  • If you are an artist who produces work for sale, then consider a two week FREE advertisement at the top of the ART DEADLINES LIST. Juried competitions, call for entries/proposals/papers, contests, jobs,  internships, scholarships, residencies, fellowships, casting calls, auditions, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities for artists:. [9707]
  • Ellika Corp. will create professional quality Photo CD-ROM's from your prints, slides, and negatives. [9712]
  • Rhizome was founded to empower communications and idea-sharing between
    digital artists internationally. The company runs a mailing list and Web site dedicated to digital art theory, exhibitions, and criticism. Now they have a new project designed to let artists profit from their work through direct online sales. [9712]
  • Stonehenge Postcard will print  full color custom postcards using your photograph.   All they need is an original photo, transparency or slide and will
    typeset and print the backside to say whatever you like and it's included in the price. [9805] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • Worldwide Art-Xpo provides artists/galleries the opportunity to display their artwork on the internet along with an aggressive marketing campaign to promote their works to the media with an emphesis on the book publishing industry. [9712]



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