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Technical Information

  • Alligator Pix Links links to Multi-Media clipmedia, tips and news
  • Cyber Realities Web Design can up-date or create a web site for any personal, business or corporate use. Cyber Realities can also do any graphic design you may need for you business. As well, Cyber Realities is now doing on-screen computer graphics FX for film or TV. David Goldner [200101] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • Hullabaloo MediA is a multimedia production company. With over 10 years experience in the photographic and multimedia industry our staff have the experience and talents to be able to create and offer innovative products and services for a wide variety of multimedia projects. [20000126]
  • Interactive Media Studio This exciting new concept is being offered to all Image and Video professionals as one of the most advanced and innovative CD-ROM multimedia presentation products specifically designed to the demands of the industry. [20000126]
  • Index to Multimedia Information Sources Guides, software, FAQ, Standards, archives .... it is all here. Great site to start.
  • MPEG-1 FAQ (Audio) Audio compression discussion - detailed.
  • Northwestern University Library Multimedia, Film and Broadcasting Resources on the Internet
  • The Association for Multi-media International, Inc. AMI is a non-profit, international association serving professionals who promote, produce and use video, computer multimedia, slide multi-image, multivideo, mixed media extravaganzas, and integrated media projects to communicate, educate, entertain and persuade.


  • Photography by Scott Highton. Scott is one of the most experienced QuickTime VR (QTVR) and IPIX (PhotoBubble) photographers and was the first to use both technologies underwater. He offers multimedia clients two decades of experience in television and documentary film production, corporate photography and photojournalism. He specializes in high-technology and aviation subjects, as well as difficult, remote location photography including underwater, aerial and extreme environments. [9903] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)

Education and Training

  • The Trincoll Journal is the Internet's only weekly multimedia magazine. Conceived of at the advent of WWW technology, the Journal has had an internet presence since the birth of NCSA Mosaic in 1993. The Trincoll Journal is the only weekly on-line magazine to incorporate video, sound and graphics in its articles. In addition, the Journal differs from other publications by its use of sophisticated layout and graphics, including HTML proposed Spec 3.2, Java Script and Java, and Perl. [9703]
  • Welcome to Engines for Education Engines is a "hyper-book" written by Roger Schank, about what's wrong with the education system, how to reform it, and especially, about the role of educational technology in that reform.


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