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  • Adobe hosts a great photoshop forum on it's website (if you haven't discovered it already). It's a user forum and very easy to read and post to . Far preferable to any e-mail list. Give it a try. [20000126] .....
  • Belgian newsgroup ( . This group was created in April 2004 after a succesfull vote-result of the Belgian people. I would be very proud if this new newsgroup about photography would be mentioned on your Photography Links - Lists of Photography . The website of this newsgroup, has the charter and FAQ of the group. [200404]eR(200404)
  • Bengt's Photo Page
  • Digital Photography Review discussion forums. Here you can discuss, ask questions or generally debate anything related to digital photography, digital cameras or related technology. To ease navigation and to give focus there are several forums available, simply click into a forum to begin reading or posting.[20000317]
  • The Painting.2000 list is a mailing list for dedicated digital/traditional fine-art painters, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, imagists. [20000126]
  • Photography Newsgroups
  • Photography Related Mailing Lists
  • Canon EOS Mailing list archives
  • Photo FAQs and Documents You can now use a query facility to search my photo pages. This website is MASSIVE with information.
  • Photoforum is made possible by RIT, and Andrew Davidhazy, and has, among other things, probably the best library of photographic resources on the internet. An absolute wealtrh of information... [20000126]
  • Photolists- If you would like to engage in discussions about photography and imaging you might consider subscribing to an e-mail discussion group. About 50 of these lists are mentioned . Most are available in English but you will also find them in Spanish, Portugese, Greek, Swedish, etc [20000126]
  • Photoshop Discussion List - An Internet discussion group about Adobe Photoshop [20000126].....
  • Kim Ryan Photographer .....
  • The HASSELBLAD users group
  • The Nikon Mailing List. This mailing list is for those interested in Nikon equipment, whether it is 35mm, digital, or other format gear (including APS), darkroom equipment, scanners, software, and anything else from the Nikon stable [9801]
  • The STOCKPHOTO Network Mailing List
  • This is a file containing answers, tips, hints and guidelines associated with recurring questions asked by photographers.


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