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  • Apex Publications Photo Life ....The only Canadian photo magazine on the Net!
  • Apogee Photo Magazine
  • British Journal of Photography. Photography forum and gallery, darkroom search engine, free newsletter, tutorials, on line jobs and much more. A great site to visit and revisit. [0002] (0301)
  • Click, the online magazine for the photographic and camera supply industry, welcomes your comments and submissions. Black Star, photographic agency, is host to the Click site and is running newsgroups on photography and equipment exchange. You are encouraged to post to these newsgroups. [9712]
  • fineArt forum online Art & Technology NETNEWS
  • Foto Online, a Swiss Online Photo Magazine [9703]
  • HyperZine - news, releases, features, tips and camera clubs (US). [9703]
  • IMAGE SOUP A zine devoted to users of mainstream graphics software, Photoshop (filter download), Illustrator, Quark etc
  • Internet Photo Magazine Japan. [9801]
  • LensWork Quarterly is a 96-page, paper-based publication of articles and essays on photography as well as portofolios of fine-art photographs. The website contains full-text reproductions of the Editor's Comments from each issue, a complete index by title, by author and by issue, and subscription information. LensWork is published four times a year. [9703]
  • LIFE magazine home page named "Best of '95" by WIRED's Louis Rosetto in AMERICAN PHOTO magazine
  • Media Magic - a documentary photography magazine with photo reports and exhibitions all in a multimedia format. [9703]
  • MMWIRE(TM) Online is the leading news and reference source for new media and interactive entertainment professionals
  • National Geographic Online. [9801]
  • Online Photography 's goal is to present images and information to thrill and inspire all of us who EAT, BREATH, and SLEEP photography. Whether professional or amateur you can find all types of useful information, resumes and imagery. They welcome article ideas and articles from YOU, and will provide a space for YOUR images and YOUR resume. Excellent site [9703]
  • Paris Match - a sum-up in pictures of the weekly news.Every day a new photograph. Every month, ask your questions to a special guest of Paris Match on the Web one of the world's leading picture magazine! English version soon. [9703]
  • PHOTO, a French Photo Magazine [9703]
  • PhotoRX is a high quality, inexpensive sourcebook for photographers, visual artists, models and performers, and related businesses. Editor Luis Kohly wants to feature a fascinating variety of every type of photography, art, etc. [9903]
  • PHOTO MAGAZINE The complete online Photo and Camera Magazine. A complete update every month!! [9712]
  • PhotoPlex - Photo Index and magazine subscriptions on-line. [9703]
  • PhotoServe photographic portfolios, galleries and Talent Spotlight sections.  Also has page of industry sources.  Well worth a visit [9711]
  • Shutterbug-Photographic Magazine on line (requires subscription) [9801]
  • SIGHT - the online magazine for some of the world's finest photography
  • The Trincoll Journal is the Internet's first WebZine. Produced entirely by college students, The weekly multimedia Journal unites the Web interface with the paradigm of a magazine --weekly during the academic year. The Journal has been publishing since 1992.
  • ZOOM - Fine-Art, Reportage and Fashion Photography In its six issues each year Zoom focuses on the work of the world's most talented photographers while making way for emerging talent and new trends. This Website offers a selection of the feature articles and portfolios to be found in each issue of Zoom International Magazine: [9908]
  • PixiPort E-Zine Photo Art Magazine


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