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  • Beyond the Invisible -   Photography by Spyros Agrianitis, Athens, Greece. Portraiture as well as scenes of Greece and sculptures [0112]R(0302)
  • Bill Schwab.. specializes in environmental portraits.
  • Cameron Tandy's virtual gallery. A collection of photographs taken while working as a press photographer in Melbourne, Australia.  There are four categories to choose from - news, people, sport and rally sport. [0112]R(0302)
  • Iakovos Chatzistavrou is a photographer-photoreporter from Greece. Various professional photo shootings from Europe Greece and Balkans for newspapers,magazines and books including Places, Human interests, Workers, Nude, Art, Portraits, Moments and Themes.R
  • A collection of photographs taken by New York photographer Danny Clinch. Contempory portraiture. [9612] (0301) nema
  • Dennis Dal Covey - Image Lab During the last twenty five years Dennis has built an internationally- known clientele for his San Diego-based photography studio Covey Media. Specializing in people photography for fashion, catalog, & advertising.[9801](0301)
  • Erico Menczer: A Man with the Umbrella [9901] (0302)
  • Encore Photo is a world-wide photography company that specializes in Special Event and Group Photography. More specifically, they photograph choirs, dancers, cheerleaders, marching bands, jazz and Concert Bands, ... and now Sports Teams! [9703] (0302)nema
  • Encore Photography. Salem, Oregon specialists in romantic wedding photography and unique senior portraits. [0302] (0302)
  • Fabien Azzopardi Photography (French) Some very interesting approaches to portraiture. Be patient with the navigation. [0010]R(0302)
  • Fixing Shadows Fixing shadows consists of a set of pages devoted to photographic topics including the work of individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest and value.[0006] (0302)
  • Gary Auerbach Platinum Photography Large format platinum portraiture and landscapes/cityscapes [9712]R(0302)
  • Glen Smith Photography. Glen is a portrait/wedding/glamour/child photographer at Redcliffe Queensland. [0010]R(0302)
  • Homepage- Robert Altman Communications Photographs of 1960's [9612]R(0301)
  • Peter G Balazsy image transfer watercolour prints. A collection of photography and iImage transfer art. Studio located in Northern New Jersey [9712]R(0302)
  • Jack Elka Photographics - commercial, aerial, wedding and portraiture
  • Ken Nahoum was born in Brooklyn, New York. His portraits include such notables as Cher, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Cawford, Liv Tyler, Claudia Schiffer, Halle Berry to Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan, Wynton Marsalis, Janet Jackson, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jordan, Robert de Niro, Sylvester Stallone and Evander Holyfield, just to name a few. [0001]R (0302)
  • Kenneth Linge has earned more print awards than any of the Scandinavian portrait and wedding photographers of the 90´s. In 1995 he became the sixth person ever to receive the Norwegian Professional Photographers Association´s (NFF) highest print honor. ... a must see if you appreciate superbly lit portraiture. [0001]R(0302)
  • Portrait photograher Joseph Karsch
  • Portraits by Julia Anne Hooper.   Beautiful family and children portraits.  [9903] R
  • The Photography of Laurie Smith. This site contains black and white as well as colour photographs depicting Laurie's love of  "People" photography. [9805]
  • LIFE magazine Home Page
  • Portraits by George R. Meurer - the Washington Area's Leading Portrait Photographer. Artfully combining Photography with oil painting in a unique process available only from George Meurer Portrait Studio. Beautiful child portraits. [9805] R (0302)
  • . Oleg Volk's Personal and Private Photo Gallery Beautiful photos of nature. See also the wonderful portraits.R
  • Photo-2be-Sweden.  Björn Bergman portraiture and specialises in tracing and photo documentation of Swedish heritage. He will find your ancestors and the places you have heard and read about. [9903] R (0302)
  • Renowned photographer Ben Marra has spent many years documenting the contemporary Native American. Powwow and the colorful regalia worn by tribal members. Marra's camera captures the authentic pride and spirituality of today's Native Americans. [9703] (0302)
  • Sam Laundon - Photographs Body /figure photography [0012] R (0302)
  • Marjan Savli - Photographs of SLOVENIA. Official pages of the Photographic Federation of Slovenia [9801] R (0302)
  • Monte Zucker's images are simple, direct, and emotional. Each of them makes a simple statement. There is nothing in his photographs, except what should be there. All distractions were removed before he snapped the shutter. What you see is what he wants you to see.[0302] (0302)
  • SIGMAN PHOTOGRAPHY creates corporate communication photography for a spectrum of clients worldwide. []
  • Slice of Life Photography by Yorgos Kousagiannidis. Visit Yorgos' pages for interseting photographs of people in everyday living in Greece and Spain and other areas.[9801]R[]
  • Stephen Michael Casner Photography []
  • Studio One Photography is a highly respected Wedding Photography Specialist in Chicago.[0001] (0302)
  • TAHIR ÜN's Photo Gallery. TAHIR ÜN was born in Akhisar, Turkey, in 1960. He has taken photographs since 1976. Graduated from Classical Latin and Greek Philology Branch of The Language and History- Geography Faculty, Ankara University and studied History of European Art in the same faculty for two years. Now, he is a professional photographer and lecturer of photography. Digita collages and more...... [9903]R(0302)nema
  • The Blue Dot: Danny Clinch [0010] (0302)nema
  • Ansel Adams Home Page [0011] (0302)
  • Welcome to Kim Anthony Ryan's Home Page - Sydney, Australia Huge list of sites on all topics photography. Kim also maintains the APS homepage. [9703]R(0302)nema


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