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  • Digital Showbiz Ltd - How to make Photoshop unlock colors you've never seen: These Photoshop Plugins make Photoshop generate colors you've never seen before. Cracks and Drops effects. A fantastic set of "ruff" backgrounds: rust, corrosion, decay... weathered, beaten and full of warm colors. [9712]
  • Download the flux collection sampler [750Kb]  Complete reference for fully working copies of ElectroSphere and Radial Noise, two of the twenty plugins in the flux collection for windows [95/NT]. [9612]
  • Filters and Plugins. Here are some shareware Photoshop stuff collected in the net. Some of the displacement maps, kernels and arbitrary maps were only available to the Macintosh until  they were "converted" (meaning he added the right extension) to Windows. Photoshop shareware.
  • Filter Factory Gallery. Examples and filters from the FFDG at PC Resources for Photoshop
  • Interactive image construction page, creates seamless tiles from photos of rusty, corroded and decayed objects. Up to four layers, endless variety.
  • Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop MACINTOSH. VERSION
  • List of known Photoshop plug-ins. Huge site with company URL addresses. Complete reference for PS plug-ins.
  • Low Memory Situations with KPT and Photoshop
  • Medialogixx has developed an Adobe Photoshop Export-PlugIn. The software is called medialogixx(R) mediamailer v1.0. It offers the possibility to send images and image-related, for instance also IPTC-datas, information directly out of the image editing software to someone by e-mail. You can compress the images with the software if you want. [20000126]
  • Photoshop f/x. Software Archive
  • Plug In Kit for Adobe Photoshop / Windows. SCC's Plug-In Kit for Windows is a composite Adobe Photoshop compatible Plug In Module (PIM) that provides a simple method for acquiring and exporting JPEG and uncompressed TIFF image files with attached captions, for editing existing captions from within Photoshop, and for attaching new captions for images within Photoshop [9703]
  • PluginPlay: test drive the flux collection. Explore some of the flux collection plugins for Photoshop on this page. Isotope creates incredibly highly saturated images, Cassini creates metallic looking rings around a number of center points. Select one of the plugins, modify some of the settings, create an image, and enjoy. [9612]
  • Positron's software plug-ins improve the creativity and productivity of 3D animators and graphic artists. Graphics galleries. [9903] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • PS4 Plugged In: Adobe Photoshop plugins and filters on the PC, freeware and commercial. These pages regroup almost all information available about all existing PS 4 plugins and filters for the PC. All are here, the only one missing is the talent plugin.... great site Gwendal. [9805]  buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • Right Hemisphere - Deep Paint 3D plugin. By using the familiar Photoshop layer concept with variable opacity settings, you will be able to trace or clone up from layers below to create stunning new art from existing photographs or images. [20000126]
  • Test Strip is a sophisticated Photoshop plug-in that was created to make color-correction and proofing easier, faster, and more precise. Test Strip for Power Macintosh is shipping Tuesday, March 25, 1997. A Windows version is currently in development, but a release date has not been announced. [9703]
  • The Filter Factory Compendium. This compendium intends to be a more or less complete source of information about the Filter Factory. The Filter Factory is a plugin for Photoshop 3.0 that allows you to create filters and compile them as a separate file.
  • The Pixel Factory - Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Techniques, The Backgrounds Archive [9703]
  • The Plugin Head. This page was formerly known as Photoshop Sites. Here you will find a lot of information related to Adobe Photoshop and digital graphics in general. Help yourself to some good shareware in the Plugins section, check out the Tips, Links to the best Digital Graphics sites on the net and much more !!! [9703]



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