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  • Acutephotos website includes discussions, contests, links, black and white photography, color photography, photo essays, articles and much more. [200302]eR(200405)
  • A History of Photography by Robert Leggat. Good reference site including RPS link.
  • Black and White Photography Guide - The Photo Club at the University of Miami. Film Developing , Printing , Infrared Photography, Archives of the photography-based newsgroup, Photography Web Links and a local art gallery. [9703]
  • Black.and.White.FAQ Textural page with a lot of information for B&W interests. []
  • ...Bengt's Photo Page - Photo Exhibitions and Archives, Digital images, FAQ, Mailing List Archives and Digests, News Groups, Magazines, Associations. A very extensive reference site.
  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Film Scanners - Overview []
  • Fine Art Photography. Farah Mahbub explores ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY PROCESSES. Other works include Landscape & Architecture Photography in Color and Black & White. These images are from Iran and South Africa and a few from hometown Karachi, Pakistan. Plus virtual matter is provided as a resource for photographers who want to venture into the world of "do it your self"; there are technical notes, a reading list, and extensive web resources. [200101] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • Fixing shadows consists of a set of pages devoted to photographictopics including the work of individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest and value. [9703]
  • Galaxy Photography. Astrophotography by Jason Ware. The purpose of the home page is to present his work to the internet community and to provide hints and techniques for the beginning astrophotographer. [9703]
  • Gary Auerbach Platinum Photography Specializing in Archival Platinum Portraiture. Have View Camera Will Travel. "His chief market is people who want heirloom portraits that will last for centuries and governments who want historical photographs for their archives," Auerbach said. "To me as an artist, it's important to be able to have someone pick up my work 300 years from now and still be able to see it." [20000126] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • Gary Auerbach - "Platinum Printmaking made Simple" is an additional link for those interested in going from silver to platinum printmaking. [20000130] buttrequ.gif (145 bytes)
  • History of photography [9703]
  • KODAK: Guide for consumers[9703]
  • Welcome to the most complete collection of Nikon Information on the WWW by Dr. Walter Pietsch. This site is a great site for all information regarding Nikon equipment. Recommended to all Nikon users! [9801] []
  • PETER GILBERT BALAZSY Image Transfer - Watergraphs [Polaroids to watercolour paper] [199703]eR(200404)
  • Photodo A photography site for news, products and articles on photography. Links to other sites [200012]
  • Photography - Leisure and Recreation
  • How to sessions for traditional and digital interests.
  • Scroll through time and the evolution of photography and film. Some of the events have links to more detailed descriptions, including pictures and/or movies. []
  • Technique and How-to
  • Tony Smith photographer has a very detailed InfraRed site. If you have any questions about using infrared you should find the answer here.[0211]buttrequ.gif (145 bytes) (0301)
  • The Historical Processes Gallery: A Short List of Historical Processes
  • The Platinum printing processes has been around for over one hundred years. Originally patented in 1873 by William Willis, who later went on to form the Platinotype Company in 1879. []
  • Your On Line Source for Photography Questions & Answers

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