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2015 Editions

2015-01-03: Community Travel Seminars Feedback and images from seminar photographe

2014 Editions

2014-10-12: Community Travel Seminars Feedback and images from seminar photographe David L

2014-0709: Community Travel Seminars briefing and images from seminar photographers Margaret & Bruce M.

2014-0506: Camera Light Metering - Part 1- How Does it Work? - (Part 2 in a future edition)

2014-0304: Composition - A Few Hints to Help

2014-0102: Editing Images - Using Adobe Lightroom

2013 Editions

2013-11: Editing Images - Using Google Picasa.

2013-10: Editing Images - Using Photoshop Elements. When autofocus fails - what causes it and how do you manage the problem? - Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and SLR. (Part 3)

2013-09: Editing Images - To Use Picasa, GIMP or GIMPShop (or some other free program?). When autofocus fails - what causes it and how do you manage the problem? - Digital and Point and Shoot Cameras. (Part 2)

2013-08: Scanning Negatives and Slides. When autofocus fails - what causes it and how do you manage the problem? (Part 2 deferred)

2013-07: Still-life photography- A Few Tips to Success (for Seminar Still-Life photography workshop). When autofocus fails - what causes it and how do you manage the problem? (Part 2 deferred)

2013-06: Do something, anything to start using your new camera: When autofocus fails - what causes it and how do you manage the problem?

2013-05: Giving and getting advice on your photography; A few easy tips to improve your photography.

2013-04: What photo equipment to take on your photo trip; How to send images back to your family and friends while on your trip; Images from last Community Group Photo Workshop.

2013-03: The eyes will improve your portraits; If you want serious images, you will have to get serious; The importance of communicating with your subject.

2013-02: Overcoming self-doubt in using your camer, ways to use your photography to help your community, a quick exercise to improve your photography.

2013-01: Scanning photos and slides, How to take summer and winter photos.

2012 Editions

2012-12: Choosing the right photo lab, How to take great Season photos.

2012-11: Downloading images from digital camera. Five tips to good food photography.

2012-10: What File Format is best for your images?.

2012-09: Getting the best focus in your images and avoiding flare in your images.

2012-08: Camera bags, Reduce image size and modify image for email (includes Factsheet), graphically modify colour and appearance of your images, introduction to macrophotography

2012-07: Understanding Memory Cards, Batteries

2012-06: Understanding metadata, Histogram Basics

2012-05: Using Your Camera's "FRILLS", Using Your LCD Monitor

2012-04: Using Your Camera's Predefined Modes, The Pros and Cons of Ultra-Violet and Skylight Filters.

2012-03: Lighting Used in Your Photographs, Problems when using infra-red focussing in the dark.

2012-02: Using Fill-flash in Daylight Images, Photographs from around the world

2012-01: 10 Questions to ask yourself before taking a digital photo, Visionary Swedish Photographer, How to photograph stars

2011 Editions

2011-11: Shooting at Unusual Angles,

2011-10: Use of a Tripod - to have or not to have!, Capture that high speed action

2011-09: Clark Little Wave Photography, 60 amazing examples of night photography

2011-08: Photographing Flowers,

2011-07: Photographing Children,

2011-06: Composition - Rule of Thirds,

2011-05: Deciding where to place the focus point in your image, Does Your Subject Always Look Into Your Camera?

2011-04: Use of Optical Zoom in Preference to Digital Zoom, The End of Kodachrome Colour S;lide Film, New High Capacity Compact Flash Memory Cards.





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