Portraiture Information

General Information

  • Simple, plain outfits photograph the best, as they are not distracting. Our aim is to produce a timeless beautiful portrait of you, and the best way to begin is to remember one word ... simplicity.
  • Your clothes should be plain and simple, not loud and busy.


  • If you wear glasses, it would be helpful if you could wear a pair with empty rims for the day of your appointment. This would be useful as glasses not only catch light reflections, but also can deform the face-line.
  • Contact lenses are no problem.


  • Indoors: Bring a light top, and dark top. Also bring one complete outfit. White turtlenecks or sweaters are also good. Knits photograph well, as there are fewer wrinkles. Bring several nice, simple dresses too. Always wear long sleeves!
  • Outdoors: Nature colours such as green, brown, navy or gold are very good. Slacks are easier to work in, but not required. Bring something you feel good in! Again, knits are the best. One of the most complimentary outfits to be photographed in is a v-neck sweater with matching blouse underneath. Also belted blouses are very attractive.
  • Make-up: Eye shadow should be applied lightly and with care; the centre point of interest in a fine portrait is the eyes. Apply two coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Wear your other make-up as usual. Bring all your make-up with you, in case any minor modification is required.


  • Indoors: If you would like to be photographed in a coat and tie, wear them to the studio. Wear simple, plain coats, which will not distract from you. Shirt and tie selection are completely up to you. For the casual photographs, plain sweaters and /or shirts are best. Turtlenecks, knits good. Wear long sleeves.
  • Outdoors: Nature colours such as green, brown, navy and gold are very good. Outdoors, definitely wear a casual outfit, such as a sweater and shirt.
  • Be sure to shave just prior to your sitting time as there is no way to hide a "five o'clock shadow" in colour photography.




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