Street photography at night

Photographing children to remember them over time, stopping your child’s spontaneous smile or his amazed eyes in one click in front of a surprise or even framing that breathtaking landscape you visited with your sweetheart is truly unique and precious .

If you are still a beginner you do not have to worry: below you will find many useful tips both for adjusting your camera and for light and exposure, and of course for the subjects you decide to try your hand at.

If I can recommend a very particular subject to immortalize, these are children: children with their spontaneous poses, their eyes full of life and their funny faces, are perfect subjects to capture intense emotions and translate them on photographic paper.

In addition, children grow so quickly, that taking professional or semi-professional shots of them will allow you to follow all the stages of their growth and look at the photos in the following years will certainly make you excited.

In short: there are really a thousand reasons to photograph children.

If you need some advice, you are in the right place: here are some useful tips for you to photograph children in an impeccable way .

Night is my favorite time to do street photography at night. Cityscapes are illuminated with a myriad of interesting and colorful light sources, such as street lamps, neon signs, shop windows, car lights and outdoor bulbs. People wear their favorite clothes. The milder scenes, when shot during the day, can suddenly turn into creepy or fascinating scenes at night.

Here are 10 tips for doing street photography at night that might make you decide to start your next photography session at dusk rather than end it.

Before starting, however, I suggest you take a look at our guide to street photography , an article in which we have collected all our experience, from the equipment to buy to the best techniques for an impactful street photography.