Bridal Flowers

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Beautiful flowers for your wedding day....

  • Add a touch of romantic flair and excitement to any wedding.
  • Your choice of flowers will enhance the loveliness of the bridal gown
  • They will add colour and freshness to your bridal party
  • Create an atmosphere of festivity and warmth in the church and reception venue
  • Flowers usually include bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids (and flower girls), buttonholes for the groom, fathers and men, corsages for the bride and groom's mothers and flowers for the church


Flowers for the bride

  • Your choice of bouquet is important
  • Taller brides choose loose unstructured flowers
  • Smaller brides find a small bouquet is better
  • The bouquet should not dominate the dress

The bridal party

  • Match the colours and fabric of the bridesmaids' dresses
  • Baskets of flowers may replace bouquets for younger children
  • Red and white carnations are the preferred choice for mens' buttonholes
  • The groom should ensure that the bouquets for mothers do not clash with dresses.

Church Flowers

  • Check with the minister regarding location and size of floral arrangements
  • Maybe share costs with the other weddings on the day
  • Flowers may be required for:
    • Pew ends
    • Chancel steps
    • Church entrance
    • Altar, pulpit and lectern
    • Window sills, columns and font

Points to remember

  • Once flowers are wired they begin to die and nothing can really be done to extend their life
  • Most flowers will retain freshness and appearance for up to 6 hours
  • Choosing flowers that last will help
  • It is best to arrange for the florist to deliver the flowers no more than 2 hours before the wedding (depending on the arrival time of the photographer)
  • Once they arrive keep them in a cool place
  • Don't use delicate flowers in the middle of summer - they will wilt before you get to the ceremony

Choosing a Florist

  • Try to find a florist experienced in weddings
  • Book early and leave detailed discussion until 2-3 months before the wedding
  • At this discussion take along swatches of and sketches of the bridal gown and bridesmaids' dresses