Popular churches will require plenty of notice of your wedding date. Some churches are booked four years in advance.

  • When you first visit the minister of the church where you are to be married, the minister will;
  • Ask you to obtain details of birth and occupation for yourselves and both fathers
  • Advise you of the church fees for the church, organist, choir and bellringer
  • Advise you how long the service will take (usually 30-40 minutes for most services and 60 minutes for nuptial mass)

Ask the minister:

  • Whether still photographs or a video can be taken inside the church
  • If confetti throwing is allowed inside or outside the church (in most cases not allowed) An alternative to confetti is coloured rice or dried flower petals.
  • If type of flowers will be restricted because of church festival times
  • Find out well in advance what music facilities will be available.
  • Can you have the musician and /or music of your choice?
  • At some churches you have to pay the organist even if you have your own music

You need to arrange for:

  • Ceremony guides for your guests who do not share the same faith as yourselves. This will allow them to follow the proceedings readily and share in your day.
  • the groom and men to arrive at the church 45 minutes before the ceremony the allow time for photographs of the boys and groom's family
  • your photographer to allow the minister to see the groom and men at least 15 minutes before the ceremony
  • the bride and father should arrive 5 minutes early so that the photographer does not hold up proceedings
  • The bride and groom and bridal party usually leave the church 1 - 1.5 hours after the start of the ceremony.


The information is generic enough for most areas but you are advised to check with your local churches and celebrants. If you would like to add your own customs and traditions we will be very pleased to extend the information to accommodate a broader interest please contact us at LIFETIME Photography.

You should enquire:

  • If there is another wedding before or after yours , you approach the other party and ask if they would like to share the cost of flowers
  • About the type of music allowed in the church.