If one picture tells a thousand words, then your wedding photographs should speak volumes. After your wedding, those pictures are going to become extremely precious to you, and time will only increase their value. It is therefore vital to get your choice of photographer right - there will be NO second chances.

It is essential to start your search for a photographer as soon as possible and secure your choice.

Where to start?

If you haven't had the need for a professional photographer before now, how do you find one that is right for you?

Recommendations are an excellent way to start. Friends or family who have been pleased with their photographer will be happy to refer you.

The variety of photographic styles can be quite diverse. It is wise to make a short list and visit a number of studios to decide which suits you. Every photographer is individual both in their approach to photography and what they offer.

  • It is pointless to ask for prices over the phone and just compare the prices.
  • You *need* to go and visit the studio, see the imagery, check the details
  • Look at the various packages and wall prints. Check the quality of presentation
  • Assure yourself of what you will be getting and if that reflects value for your dollar

Making your Choice

Your photographer must have the sense to realise that your wedding day is a deeply profound day: There is the nervousness and excitement of all the busy preparations and the flurry of activity

Amongst all this stands your professional wedding photographer

  • An oasis of experienced calm in the storm
  • A helping hand
  • An unobtrusive but valuable director of the traffic and a keeper of time

Above all the wedding photographer's hallmark is

  • Experience
  • Competence
  • A genuine love of people and
  • A desire to help to make the day special for all concerned

Your photographer must also be:

  • A great communicator
  • Co-ordinator
  • And people person

Your photographer should:

  • Respond IMMEDIATELY to the surrounding events
  • Make the best advantage of whatever is already happening
  • Capture the emotion, spontaneity and joy of this most special occasion in the midst of all this.
  • Deal with the unpredictable elements that lurk at a wedding and still come up with memorable, high quality images for your album
  • Have integrity and expertise that will provide you with those benefits to make your day all the more memorable and enjoyable
  • Listen to you and what you want
  • Take images that appeal to you.
  • Be prepared to take the images you want
  • Show you images that have been taken at a real wedding and which are possible in the constraints of the day
  • Be someone whose company you feel you will enjoy
  • Be fun to be with. If you are having fun then your photographs will reflect that.
  • Someone who has energy and personality to meet and connect with guests and family and who can relate to the bride and groom as real people.
  • Have worked out a contingency plan in case of rain on the day. Most have favourite alternatives.