Photography Workshop - Available Light

This Available Light Workshop will explain to you the various techniques needed to understand the basics of available / night photography and be able to use your photographic equipment to create some wonderful images. Using your camera in low light situations can be very exciting when you finally see the effects you are able to create. This workshop probably causes the most impact on participants. The objectives of the module are to:

  • be aware of the wonderful opportunities of capturing available light images.
  • jknow what equipment and film to use.
  • be able to use a light meter at night or in low level light.
  • bre aware of the different effects of filters.
  • understand problems with tungsten and fluorscent lighting
  • understand reciprocity failure of the film.
  • be competent in composing images and taking photographs of the following available light subjects.
    • internal images of buildings and your home using available light
    • artificial light to enhance your indoor photography
    • buildings (external) and city scapes.
    • street scenes, shop windows and neon signs
    • wharves, ships and piers.
    • fireworks displays, fires and flames.
    • fairs and carnivals.
    • moonlight landscape images.
    • lightning and storms.
    • stage, theatre and night clubs.


Notes for this Workshop

The information is in dot point format and offers you a summary of years of experience. The notes are not designed to be full reference material.

pdf format.

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