Photography Workshop - Basic skills

This Basic Workshop will explain to you the various techniques needed to understand the basics of photography and be able to use your photographic equipment. The objectives of the module are to:

  • give you the technical skills to properly use your camera equipment and assessories.
  • explain how you choose the size and type of lens to use.
  • discuss exposure meters, exposure, shutters and aperture.
  • inform which type of film to use for various situations.
  • discuss filters and how to use them.
  • discuss lighting and photography in natural light and adverse weather conditions.
  • discuss the use of flash and reflectors.
  • camera techniques.
  • indicate how you take a photograph.
  • outline camera care and provide a camera checklist.
  • photographic composition.
  • how to photograph
    • people
    • places
    • pets and zoos
    • close-up photography (flowers and plants)
    • action and sports
    • sunsets
    • night photography


Notes for this Workshop The information is in dot point format and offers you a summary of years of experience. The notes are not designed to be full reference material.
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