Photography Workshop - Travel

This Travel Workshop will explain to you the various techniques needed to understand travel photography, how to prepare before you depart, how to look out for your interests while travelling and take great photographs being mindful of the different cultures. The objectives of the module are to:

  • give you the technical skills
  • explain how you add your personal touch
  • put your "minds eye" on the film
  • make your pictures illustrate this emotional response
  • show how to be creative and take good travel photographs
    • preparation
    • points to remember
    • judging a location
    • equipment
    • travel tips
    • portraits
    • children
    • reportage
    • landscape
    • capturing the action
    • architecture
    • cities and monuments
    • still life, close-up and detail
  • show you how to pay for your travel by sales of shots
  • explain stock photographs and show you how to develop your own library of travel photographs
  • travel stories you can write
  • conclusions


Notes for this Workshop

The information is in dot point format and offers you a summary of years of experience. The notes are not designed to be full reference material.

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